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Fun game

This is a fun game to play to pass the time it is challenging, but enjoyable. Great upgrades now with coins and power ups! With more enhancements coin and score multipliers this game is only getting better! Nice to see a developer continue support of a game!

very good

fun game.

Survivor Morads

Fun game which forces you to think quick... Pretty cool!


It's a fun game just need a little more word

Great start!

Pros: Like the idea, haven't had one of these since Mr Oops. If this improves it would be great! Like the title screen art Cute, really LOVE the character!!!! Maybe more unlock-able characters? Cons: Controls, its impossible to go to the very bottom of the screen and its just weird. Maybe try having relative finger motions to move or taps? Graphics, more animation than just standing would be nice, it shouldn't be too hard either. Should start with just a idle guy jumping maybe? It would suit it. Background needs to make sense. A plain sandy area maybe or a solid color works too. Blocks are meh Game over screen doesn't fit all the buttons, the last button is cut off halfway, easy fix. Suggestion: more art than the standard used for everything would be cool (currently you are using the same image for the character, menus and icon) maybe change it up? I really like the character)

It needs more.

The good thing is that this game runs perfect, has leaderboards, and perfect collision detection (nessecary here). It needs expanded gameplay tough as for now the only thing is to drag around the little dude and avoid the blocks. Perhaps there could be powerups in an update? Slowdown blocks, shield, etc. As for the charecter, he is static right now. If you could make it so that at least the image flips if he goes left or right that would help improve the game and make it feel more alive. Overall, solid base here. Build on it, and you've got yourselves a gem.

Great game and great company


Fun game difficult to get to the top!

I like this game it is a quick play and really challenges you. Once you get through levels 1-3 the heat turns up!

Great game!

An addicting game seems simple but draws you in!

Addicting game!!!

I can't seem to put it down i have only gotten to level 6!

Fun little game

Once I got used to moving the character it really is a fun little game gets hard fast. My grand kids love playing it!


It's amazing these guys have been working so long on this. Amazing!!!!!!!!

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